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Case Studies

Using the Total Cancer Care® Protocol as a master trial-screening protocol, M2Gen was able to dramatically accelerate enrollment for an otherwise challenging biomarker-driven clinical trial in gastric and pancreatic cancers.

M2Gen is also currently collaborating with leading biopharmaceutical companies in the development of “synthetic control arms.” One such example is a Phase 2 CAR-T clinical trial.

This powerful platform allows biopharmaceutical companies to discover new targets and biomarkers, supplement clinical trial design and enrollment, and secure post-market analysis over time. We work with research groups to provide targeted datasets. If you would like to find out if M2Gen has your dataset of interest, please complete our query form.

Biopharmaceutical Partners

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Biopharmaceutical companies play a vital role in the fight against cancer, from researching new targets to developing innovative clinical trials and ultimately bringing new medicines to the market. By leveraging our Oncology Research Information Exchange Network®  (ORIEN) database to support their efforts, we help our pharma partners reduce research and discovery costs, perform more effective clinical trials, and accelerate drug development timelines.

We provide biopharmaceutical companies unparalleled insights into patients' clinical and molecular data that extends beyond the treatment window, giving broader context to health and outcomes and a unique view into how cancer impacts people differently. This accelerates cancer research and helps companies make more informed decisions around clinical trial structuring and development, maximizing the value of the data in our network.



In consultation with our pharma partners and ORIEN Members, M2Gen has identified cohorts of “high risk” patients, i.e., those with advanced primary or metastatic disease, who have limited treatment options, and those patients who are likely to develop progressive disease. Through development of a comprehensive genotypic and phenotypic profile of patients who have consented to being studied, we can identify their in silico “avatar,” i.e., patients like them. We can use this information to accelerate research, e.g., to match patients to clinical trials and develop real-world comparator cohorts. The depth and breadth of the ORIEN Avatar clinical and molecular data enables study of a wide array of clinically relevant markers, including emerging biomarkers associated with response to immuno-oncology agents.


Our ecosystem is scientifically rooted and believes meaningful advancements for patients come from data-driven decisions. See how we are already contributing to the fight against cancer. The following publications were developed by ORIEN Members based on Total Cancer Care data. 


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