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Delivering data solutions and services to biopharmaceutical companies and providers that accelerate the discovery and development of personalized medicines

Data Solutions
Ever-expanding dataset focused on high-risk patients with rich integrated clinical & molecular data
SEARCH is an accelerated and consultative system that allows clients to access rich clinical and molecular insights from M2GEN’s AVATAR database in the form of a ready-to-use report.
One of the largest and comprehensive consented oncology patient registries available enabling the ability to engage and re-engage with vital cancer patients.
Data analysis for large amounts of data generated by sequencing and translating molecular observations
Expedited clinical trial activation and enrollment of patients who meet eligibility criteria
Accelerating oncology research through informatics services and analytics collaborations

M2GEN Curated Data Solutions

To further our mission of accelerating the development of more personalized cancer therapies and improving patient outcomes, M2GEN takes a comprehensive approach to clinical and molecular data generation and bioinformatics solutions. Leveraging the unique Total Cancer Care® protocol through the extensive Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN) network of cancer centers, we are able to provide our biopharmaceutical partners with regulatory grade panoptic data that creates a complete picture of how cancers work.

ORIEN Avatar

M2GEN’s ORIEN Avatar data product is the first solution to build comprehensive genotypic and phenotypic profiles of consenting cancer patients while shielding the patient’s identity behind an avatar.  ORIEN Avatar tracks patient clinical progressions over their lifetime to provide the richest data source for targeted cancer therapy advancement.  ORIEN Avatar data solution is optimized for oncology research by providing integrated longitudinal clinical data and whole exome, transcriptome and germline sequencing around consented oncology patients.  ORIEN Avatar enables the development of advanced cohorts based on nuanced aspects of patients’ disease including biomarkers, mutations, tumor normal, treatment progressions, recurrences and more. Learn more.

M2GEN Data Generation Services

One of the largest observational cancer research studies in the world, M2GEN’s Total Cancer Care® protocol is designed to harmonize longitudinal clinical data with advanced molecular information. At M2GEN, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of our continuously growing datasets. By offering our partners a robust selection of flexible services, we are innovating new ways to drive cancer research forward and expedite the time to market for life-saving therapies.

TCC Active Clinical Directory

M2GEN’s patented Total Cancer Care® (TCC) protocol is a powerful tool that has allowed us to create the most comprehensive consented patient registries available. The TCC Active Directory puts this unique protocol to its best use by enabling our partners to design observational studies around active patient cohorts.  This active approach to data generation enables the creation of advanced cohorts and the close study of treatment efficacy and outcomes over the course of patients’ lifetimes.

Bioinformatics Tools & Services

Cancer research is incredibly varied and complex, requiring enormous quantities of data to advance the field. However, raw data alone isn’t enough to drive innovations and bring about new therapies. M2GEN’s biomedical informatics service makes use of the clinical and molecular data gathered through our Total Cancer Care® protocol to deliver advanced, structured, and targeted real-world data and analysis. Our services are tailored to the specific research being conducted by our pharmaceutical partners, giving them the tools they need to develop revolutionary cancer treatments.

Clinical Trial Services

Through the Total Cancer Care® protocol and ORIEN® network, M2GEN can assist in the identification and matching of patients for clinical trials, aid in patient recruiting, development of in-silico external control arms, treatment protocol focused expanded access programs or rescuing trials in jeopardy. Our optimized site activation protocols, including submissions to a single Institutional Review Board (IRB) and scientific review committee, help to accelerate enrollment and activation. Additionally, M2GEN partners can leverage our expertise in biomedical informatics and data collection to assist with clinical trial design.

Special Projects

As an oncology-focused informatics company, M2GEN has the molecular pipeline analytical services and intellectual resources to coordinate and assist novel research leveraging our ORIEN network. Our services are flexible, allowing us to work closely with our partners and develop solutions that are targeted to their specific area of research. From comprehensive research coordination services to custom bioinformatics, we offer solutions to overcome the most difficult cancer research obstacles.