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As an oncology-focused bioinformatics company, M2GEN develops flexible data generation and analysis services for leading cancer centers across the nation and biopharmaceutical companies globally. Through collaboration and shared information, we can collectively improve oncology patient outcomes by accelerating the discovery, development, and delivery of personalized cancer therapies.





Bioinformatics Services to Shape the Future of Personalized Cancer Care

As molecular science continues to rapidly evolve, oncology researchers are gaining access to unprecedented amounts of individual patient genomic data. This valuable information is the key to personalized cancer care, which is highly tailored to a patient’s genetic makeup. As such, understanding a patient's genomic profile can help each patient achieve the best possible outcome.

Despite the promise of personalized cancer care, however, many challenges must be addressed before it can become a reality. Researchers must first process large volumes of genomic data, determine the impact and functional effect of genomic variations, integrate systems data to relate complex genetic interactions with clinical phenotypes, translate the resulting discoveries into life-saving cancer therapies, and make those therapies available to patients in a clinical setting.

M2GEN is helping oncology researchers meet these challenges. We specialize in bioinformatics—the science of processing biological data to make it useful for research purposes—and we create tools to help our life science clients and academic cancer center research partners analyze and structure their voluminous genomic data. We are affiliated with some of the world’s leading biospecimen laboratories, where experts perform state-of-the-art genetic sequencing and immunohistochemistry services. Armed with the outcome of this vital work, our research partners are better positioned to draw meaningful conclusions from their genomic data. Together, we can unlock the full potential of personalized cancer care.

Custom & Ready-Made Data Solutions That Leverage the Power of Bioinformatics

The diversity of cancer presents a challenging roadblock to the progress of oncology research—no two patients or tumors are exactly alike. What’s more, due to the myriad complexities of cancer, an enormous amount of data is required to expand the knowledge base and power innovation. However, raw data on its own—while useful—is not enough. Scientific discovery requires context. M2GEN provides that context by providing custom bioinformatics services tailored to our life science partners’ unique datasets and research criteria as well as building ready-made bioinformatics solutions to help our academic research partners continue to drive cancer research forward. M2GEN's bioinformatics team leverages the results and knowledge gained from our extensive, unique, and ever-growing clinico-genomics database, ORIEN Avatar to provide unique insights into many different areas of cancer research.

Led by an experienced team of bioinformatics and computational biology experts who trained at world-renowned scientific institutions, M2GEN’s Bioinformatics Support Services team provides standardized, best-in-class next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis pipelines to our partners in academia and biopharmaceutical industries. Our flexible and economical bioinformatics service offerings include:

  • Paired Tumor and Germline Whole Exome Sequencing (WES T/G) analysis with Panel of Normals (PoN) filtering
  • Tumor-Only Whole Exome Sequencing (WES T-Only) analysis with Virtual Normal (VN) somatic mutation classification
  • Tumor-Only RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq T-Only) analysis

Utilizing up-to-date human genome reference (GRCh38/hg38) and gene build (Gencode V32), our pipeline analysis is WES and RNA-Seq capture kit agnostic, ensuring we provide the most advanced and targeted analyses possible.

Additionally, our bioinformatics services employ one of the largest PoNs available for high-quality somatic mutation calling. More than 20,000 germline samples from cancer patients inform the segregation of somatic and germline variants and identify recurrent sequencing artifacts. Furthermore, the AVATAR germline sequencing data can be utilized as a VN cohort during Tumor-Only analysis, allowing for superior somatic mutation classification when a patient’s matched normal biospecimens are unavailable.

M2GEN’s end-to-end bioinformatics solutions and analysis pipelines are tuned for large-scale oncology multi-omics studies. For researchers, this is an invaluable asset as it allows them to dedicate less time to overcoming obstacles in generating and analyzing data and more time with discovery and results interpretation. As a result, our partners gain meaningful molecular insights that can be used to match patients to clinical trials and spur the development of revolutionary cancer therapies. By working together, we can make precision medicine a reality, turning cancer into a manageable condition, and one day, a curable disease.

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