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Over the past several decades, the scientific community has been making great strides in advancing cancer care, and much of this progress is a direct result of clinical trials. The goal of clinical trials is straightforward—to identify new and better treatments for future patients. However, current patients are searching for the best option to help them right now, and time is of the essence. In some cases, that option may be a novel therapy available only through a clinical trial.

While the benefits of participating in cancer clinical trials seem obvious to the patients as well as the oncology research community, that is cancer patients have access to the latest treatment breakthroughs and the researchers gain valuable new knowledge to continue to drive the progress of cancer research. Unfortunately, an obstacle to this win-win scenario remains: Oncology researchers continue to face challenges in identifying the right cohort of patients to enroll in clinical trials, especially in a timely manner.

M2GEN is committed to foster clinical research and promote expeditious clinical trial activation by partnering with our industry partners through the ORIEN Clinical Trial Network (OCTN). The OCTN utilizes a centralized Scientific Review Committee (SRC) and centralized Institutional Review Board (IRB).





Enabling the Precise Matching of Cancer Patients to Clinical Trials

Recognizing that collaboration and access to data are the keys to discovery, M2GEN—an oncology-focused informatics solutions company—has spearheaded a one-of-a-kind partnership among the key stakeholders in cancer research. By bringing together a diverse cross-section of patients, clinicians, and researchers through our patented Total Cancer Care® (TCC) protocol and the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN), M2GEN is accelerating the development and delivery of personalized cancer therapies that can potentially help countless patients worldwide.

Through M2GEN’s alliance, cancer patients consent to making their de-identified clinical data and molecular data from tumor tissue specimens available for use by alliance members and biopharmaceutical company partners. Consented patients are also followed throughout their cancer treatment journey. Our research partners utilize this data to power investigative studies and more rapidly find and enroll patients who meet a specific set of trial inclusion/exclusion criteria. Additionally, our research partners can leverage our expertise in bioinformatics and data collection to assist with clinical trial design.

Since TCC protocol patients consented to be followed over their lifetime and re-contacted to be proactively screened and enrolled in suitable clinical trials as opportunities arise, they also play an active role in furthering oncology research by providing scientists with real-world data (RWD) beside the controlled studies. By capitalizing on M2GEN’s rapid learning approach, oncology researchers can better understand a patient’s susceptibility to disease, predict treatment response, and match the patient to the optimal therapies for the best possible outcome.

Working Tirelessly to Bring Better Health & a Brighter Future to Cancer Patients

M2GEN is continually developing innovative informatics tools and data generation services that translate science into life-changing therapies. At the core of what we do is a unique and proactive approach to identifying and studying cancer patients who need new treatments through precise clinical trial matching.

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