As a healthcare informatics solutions company focused on oncology, M2GEN launched the ORIEN AVATAR® Program to help researchers and clinicians answer a fundamental question that is on the mind of every cancer patient: What is the best treatment option for me?

A one-of-a-kind collaboration between leading biopharmaceutical companies and prominent cancer centers across the United States, the AVATAR Program takes an unprecedented approach to fighting cancer. By leveraging the benefits of oncology informatics, our unique and ever-expanding data solution brings together patients, clinicians, and researchers with an aim to fundamentally advance the ways in which various malignancies are studied and treated.

As a direct result of ORIEN AVATAR data, cancer therapies are becoming increasingly personalized and precise. As such, M2GEN is paving the way for researchers and clinicians to help each patient quickly find and benefit from the optimal treatment approach. Working together, we can continue to improve oncology outcomes.





The Benefits of ORIEN AVATAR 

ORIEN AVATAR provides panoptic data that allows researchers to see the broader cancer landscape.  Providing multi-modality highly curated data through our marketing leading Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), Whole Transcriptome Sequencing (WTS) and Germline sequencing molecular datasets; our continuously refreshed longitudinal clinical datasets; and our bioinformatics pipeline services, AVATAR allows you to see the whole picture of a patient’s cancer.

Through shared information and collaborative studies, AVATAR subscribers have unique opportunities to observe and learn from the lifetime of experiences of thousands of cancer patients, many of whom are at high risk for disease progression. With real-time access to the world’s leading HIPAA-compliant set of oncology-related molecular and clinical data (which is contributed by lifelong patient participants with their full consent), researchers and clinicians can gain meaningful insights that deepen their understanding of cancer—a complex disease with myriad causes.

In terms of research, the continual expansion of the cancer knowledge base facilitated by ORIEN AVATAR is of paramount importance. Due to the diverse nature of cancer, it can be challenging for a researcher to locate and study multiple patients who have a specific malignancy caused by identical factors. By building a robust database that allows members to quickly find patients who have a tumor with the same molecular profile, M2GEN has created a valuable and powerful research tool.

Molecular & Longitudinal Clinical Data

With regard to the depth and breadth of the fully annotated molecular and longitudinal clinical data available for each specific type of cancer, AVATAR is unparalleled. In addition to comprehensive deep whole exome and transcriptome sequencing data, AVATAR has more than 600 elements of clinical data.  Updated at regular intervals, the detailed longitudinal clinical data available through AVATAR enables the study of patients who have similar outcomes and treatment side effects. Additionally, when coupled with the molecular data, it allows for the identification of novel biomarkers associated with responses to various oncology treatments. When interpreting these vast datasets, AVATAR members also have access to M2GEN’s proprietary analytical toolbox, which can be used to generate and analyze targeted patient cohorts.

Clinical Trial Matching

Scientists can utilize the ORIEN AVATAR cancer database to inform clinical trial design, enrollment, and benchmarking. For instance, through AVATAR, a researcher who is interested in performing a biomarker-based clinical trial has immediate access to a cohort of patients who have agreed to be contacted and can be proactively screened and quickly enrolled, if appropriate. As such, AVATAR improves patient recruitment and targeting for clinical trials, particularly when scientists determine that the population most likely to benefit from a new therapy can be identified by molecular characteristics that are uniquely expressed in small subsets of patients.

Significantly, ORIEN AVATAR allows clinicians to identify appropriate clinical trial options for cancer patients based on their anticipated needs—in some instances, long before those patients require treatment.

Each Breakthrough Brings Us Closer to a Cure

The benefits of informatics in healthcare—and specifically oncology—are clear. By closing the evidential gap between scientific research and clinical practice and fostering collaboration among all key stakeholders, including the patients themselves, AVATAR is driving and accelerating the discovery, development, and delivery of novel and targeted oncology therapies and ultimately matching patients to the best treatment options.

Furthermore, by capitalizing on the power of ORIEN AVATAR, biopharmaceutical companies can proactively shape the role of real-world evidence in the development of oncology therapies, thereby expediting the process of bringing the next generation of innovative cancer treatments to the marketplace. In addition to improving care for current and future oncology patients, each scientific breakthrough achieved through AVATAR brings the medical community one step closer to finding a cure.

For information on how to subscribe to  ORIEN AVATAR, contact M2GEN today. In addition to receiving immediate access to the expansive ORIEN AVATAR cancer database, you will benefit from monthly releases of new patient data, follow-up data on existing patients, and analytical outcomes from M2GEN’s bioinformatics, biostatistics, and clinical data teams.

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