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The TCC Active Clinical Registry Is a Powerful Tool in the Fight Against Cancer 

In the complex and ever-evolving world of cancer research, one thing is certain—any treatment breakthroughs will be born out of enormous quantities of highly-quality, real-world data. Nobody understands this better than the professionals at M2GEN, who have made it their mission to help accelerate the development of more personalized cancer therapies through advanced data collection protocols and oncology-focused informatics services. Through our patented Total Cancer Care® (TCC) protocol, M2GEN has created one of the world’s largest registries of consented oncology patients. The TCC Active Clinical Registry offers our partners access to a continuously expanding base of consented patients to design custom data generation studies.

Under the Total Cancer Care protocol, patients consent to having their data collected over the course of their lifetime and agree to be re-contacted. This method allows us to build active cohorts of vital patients to facilitate a wide range of data generation to accelerate discovery, development, regulatory and safety, market access, commercial and market expansion use cases.  Our clients can design:

  • Observational and monitoring studies that track real patients over their lifetimes accurately assess treatment efficacy
  • Comparative effectiveness and pharmacovigilance studies that address regulatory safety requirements
  • Treatment protocol focused expanded access programs (EAPs) that build HEOR formulary validation arguments
  • Market quantification analysis and understand product utilization patterns to build commercialization plans with confidence
  • Indication expansion and off-label usage analysis that expands addressable market opportunity for existing therapies.

Custom data generation services enabled by TCC Active Clinical Registry can produce clinical and molecular datasets over defined intervals. TCC Active Clinical Registry studies and projects can collect a wide range of data including:

  • Patient information such as gender, age, and family history
  • Clinical information including metastatic disease, site of metastasis, existing conditions, surgeries, treatment progressions, recurrences and line of treatment monitoring.
  • Diagnostic information including lab types and units, imaging modality, and diagnosis parameters.
  • Molecular results and analysis such as per and post-sequencing results of patients based on clinical treatment attributes.

Eliminate the need to purchase and integrate multiple disparate data sets and the guessing game of patient and data deduping.  Design studies that meet your specific objectives and generate the regulatory grade data that is designed for specific use and ensures commercial success.

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TCC product profile