Zenith™ - The Key to Unlocking Precision Cancer Medicine

Zenith™ is an innovative dataset and cancer research tool developed by M2GEN. As an oncology-focused bioinformatics solutions company, we have a steadfast mission to accelerate the discovery, development, and delivery of personalized cancer therapies. By leveraging massive quantities of clinical and molecular data interpreted through sophisticated science, we develop solutions to help oncology researchers answer their most complex and pressing questions.





.Through our efforts to empower scientific collaboration via shared learning, M2GEN has earned worldwide recognition and facilitated many landmark discoveries. This is significant because many breakthroughs in cancer prevention, early detection, screening, diagnosis, and treatment are the result of research performed by scientists in a wide array of disciplines over decades and sometimes even generations.

While the medical community, on the whole, has made spectacular progress in cancer research to date, that progress is the result of a group effort. Strong partnerships among scientists, biopharmaceutical companies, clinicians, and patients are necessary to translate yesterday’s observations into today’s advances and tomorrow’s therapies. Ultimately, M2GEN aims to connect every cancer patient with a cure.

Driving Cancer Research Forward

With access to M2GEN’s robust portfolio of curated data solutions—which includes our vast Zenith™ dataset—oncology researchers can tap into highly refined targets and biomarkers, then utilize that information to power studies and supplement clinical trial design and enrollment. Armed with the unique ability to pair a patient’s clinical and molecular data for analysis, our partners are positioned firmly at the leading edge of genetics-based cancer research.

Specifically, Zenith™ harmonizes data related to more than 30 different types of solid tumors, including breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, and kidney cancer. Through M2GEN’s partnership with Moffitt Cancer Center and 17 community-based hospitals, the data was garnered from tumor specimens collected from a diverse population of patients and provided with the patients’ full consent.

Zenith™ incorporates longitudinal clinical data from 18,000 patients, including several years of follow-up data. Its various data elements include:

  • Vital status
  • Demographics
  • Family history
  • Medications
  • Oncologist visits
  • Radiology
  • Serum markers
  • Tissue markers
  • Cancer risk assessments

The extensive clinical data within Zenith™ is fully integrated with molecular data from 16,000 patients, including gene expression data from 13,500 patients and targeted exome sequencing data from 3,900 patients. As such, Zenith™ provides researchers with unparalleled insights as well as a unique view of how cancers affect individual patients in different ways. By creating a clear picture of various malignancies in both early and late stages, Zenith™ has significantly enhanced the cancer knowledge base.

Transforming the Way Cancer Is Studied & Treated

Linking clinical and molecular data is the key to unlocking precision medicine. However, a highly complex infrastructure is required to amass and integrate the data, ensure its quality and reliability, and allow researchers to rapidly learn from it. As evidenced by our advanced Zenith™ product, M2GEN is up to the challenge.

By enabling a deeper understanding of cancer and helping our research partners address some of the most difficult and urgent issues they face, M2GEN is fundamentally changing the way cancer is studied and treated. Contact us to license our data solutions or to request more information on your cohorts of interest and special projects.

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