The M2Gen Philosophy


To connect patients to a cure by accelerating the discovery and delivery of precision medicine.


Leadership in creating and delivering health informatics solutions through evidence-based approaches to predict and meet patients’ needs.

M2Gen is a health informatics solutions company focused on accelerating the discovery and development of precision medicine and serves as the operational arm of the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN), an alliance of the nation’s leading cancer centers. ORIEN Members consent and enroll patients onto the IRB-approved protocol, Total Cancer Care®, and share de-identified data from this study with each other and with biopharmaceutical companies via M2Gen.

Ecosystem of Shared Value

Though our approach, ORIEN Members benefit through collaborative research and shared data for learning. Our pharma partners benefit through access to the network and large-volume clinical and molecular data set, making them better able to help design clinical trials and recruit patients. Patients ultimately benefit from active participation in research, which informs new drug treatment options, and their ability to help other patients in the future.


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In partnership with the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN), M2Gen brings together key stakeholders in cancer research to accelerate clinical trials and discovery. This national network, powered by M2Gen, breaks down silos that can inhibit progress, allows researchers to share information and expertise, and facilitates collaboration amongst top cancer centers. By leveraging our informatics platform, we create an offering that brings real-world evidence to bear on specific research needs.

ORIEN Members are some of the nation’s leading cancer institutions that recognize collaboration and access to data are the keys to cancer discovery. There are currently 19 cancer center members working together to leverage multiple data sources and match patients to targeted treatments. To learn more about ORIEN and it's Members, please visit the ORIEN website


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M2Gen's ORIEN Total Cancer Care is a protocol implemented by ORIEN Members, where patients give consent to the use of their clinical data and tissue specimens for molecular data generation, providing a unique opportunity to learn from patients throughout their lifetime. 

Through TCC, patients have provided consent to be studied and re-contacted, making them an active partner in research and enabling the potential to match and enroll them in clinical trials.

Advancing Cancer Research, Together

M2Gen is a purpose-driven organization that unites a diverse range of cancer centers around the country to solve some of the most complex problems in cancer. By leveraging a large clinical and molecular database, interpreted through sophisticated data science, we help researchers find the answers to their most pressing questions.

Through our collaboration and partnership, we can significantly advance cancer research and impact the health of the next generation of patients.

Accelerating Clinical Development by Anticipating Patient Need

By taking a proactive approach to studying the molecular and clinical nature of a patient’s disease and anticipating need for clinical trials, we can accelerate drug development timelines.

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Integrating Data through Analytics

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