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M2GEN connects patients, providers, and researchers to fundamentally change the way cancer is studied and treated

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Impacting Healthcare for the Next Generation

M2GEN is an oncology-focused health informatics solutions company with the mission to help patients get access to the best treatments by leveraging clinical and molecular data to accelerate the discovery, development, and delivery of tailored and more personalized therapies. M2GEN's approach is to transform cancer care through application of genome analysis of patient-derived tumor specimens, and translating novel molecular findings combined with clinical insights for the actualization of precision oncology therapeutics and diagnostics. 

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Next Generation

Accelerating Precision Medicine

M2GEN partners with 18 of the nation’s leading cancer centers, through the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN), to deliver oncology informatics-based solutions to accelerate therapy discovery, development and delivery of precision medicine. M2GEN is one of the only companies to ensure that patient data has been granted through consent.

M2GEN utilizes the IRB-approved protocol, Total Cancer Care®, that allows for enhanced patient engagement through the ability to re-contact patients and facilitates linkages across disparate sources of data, creating a research ecosystem which can significantly benefit patients and improve patient care.

By leveraging a large clinical and molecular database, interpreted through sophisticated data science, we help researchers solve some of the most complex problems in cancer.

Understand how M2GEN is transforming cancer research through oncology informatics-based solutions

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